Try the last development build!

You can also dowload the Windows desktop version. Desktop version generate .csv files with statistics.

Desktop versions Mac OS/X or Linux can be generated on demand.

Quick instructions:

  • Move with ASDF/Cursor and mouse wheel/PgUp-PgDn.
  • Right mouse button to lock/unlock camera.
  • Use digits 0-9 (in alphanumeric keyboard) to spawn invasive species (L to see the list).
  • P to pause simulation


Select a planet and a ecosystem to explore

  • You will start in Jet Pack mode. Move with WASD / mouse and PgUp/PgDn.
  • You can change between 3 exploration modes
    • (C) to board spaceship
    • (SPACE) to land
    • (J) to activate Jet Pack.
  • Explore the ecosystem in its natural state. Observe interaction between native species and trophic levels.  Use available tools to discover what is happening.
  • (P) will pause simulation
  • (M) toogles fast simulation

Analyze the ecosystem

  • Clicking on right mouse button will toogle between explore and analyze view. Analyze view will fix the camera and show information panels. You can arrange its position dragging most of them.
  • Select a creature by clicking on it. A panel over it will display its state, weigth and stamina.
  • (T) will show additional information about the creature, including genus statistics.  (This panel includes some not formatted debug data)
  • (O) opens ecosystem analyzer with population, death and prey statistics.
  • (E) toggles ecosystem data panel.
    • “Species” shows the list of current species and its current population.
    • “Probe” shows temperature at mouse position.
  • (G) shows a dynamic population graph for each trophic levels.
  • (B) shows a biomass graph.
  • The simulator generates log files that can be used for in-depth analysis (desktop version only).
    • Population
    • Events
    • Species DNA
    • Phylogenetic tree
  • (F) saves screenshot (desktop version only)

Influence the ecosystem

  • You can drop non-native species to influence the ecosystem (press alphanumeric 0 .. 9 to spawn at mouse position).
  • (L) opens the laboratory to see available invasive species and to modify their genome.
  • (O) in the options panel of ecosystem analyzer you can change some biotope parameters

Note for web users

  • Web player version doesn’t work in Chrome due to recent changes in Chrome’s APIs.
  • Web player version doesn’t generates .csv statistic files nor screenshots due to technical constraints.

Disclaimer: As you can see, I’m not a Biologist nor a Designer  :-). Any help on those subjects will be great!


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